The Mount Lofty Rangers offer a wide range of benefits and events to suit a variety of four wheel driving interests.

Membership of the Mount Lofty Rangers is inexpensive and provides funds for continued development in areas such as awareness instruction (training), equipment, social events, community service and promotion.

The Mount Lofty Rangers operate on an April to March financial year basis. Fees are payable annually in advance.


To apply for club membership, you will need to complete the application form and attend 3 club activities, either meetings or club trips after which your application will be considered by the committee.

If you wish to join the Mount Lofty Rangers, simply come to the next meeting and ask for our Membership Officer.

To save time at your first meeting, download and complete the Membership Application Form beforehand.

Fee Schedule

Annual Renewal Fee AU $90.00 (Due no later than 31st August)

New Members Fee AU $110.00