Possible Trip Suggestions

EOI for Possible Future Trips

As the club membership changes over time, there are trips that were run some time ago that newer members may enjoy or longer members may wish to do or even redo. These possible future trips have been gleaned from the club archives and other sources. No dates have been set for these initially as it will depend on who is interested in going.

If you are interested in any of these trips contact the Trips Coordinator or complete the form below.

Possible Future Trips

(In no particular order)
First Aid Course
More detail to come.
Witchelina Working Bee Reccy Trip July 2021
Reccy trip to scope the projects at Witchelina. Witchelina is next to Farina.
Witchelina Working Bee September 2021
Trip to perform the work determined from the Reccy Trip. Continuing with the restoration projects on station huts that the club was involved in a few years ago.
Simpson Desert
Expressions of interest are being sought for a trip across the Simpson. Duration is 11 days. Itinerary TBA. No campers or vans!
Border Track
Drive the Border Track from North to South along the SA/VIC Border, camp at Red Bluff. Next day South Boundary Track, Baan Hill Track and Jimmy’s Well Track. Home via Tintinara

If any of these interest you, let us know.

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